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"Rear Admiral, what is going on," came Callie's startled question. You have not had the time to..." Looking at Derrick the woman's face twisted into rage."Well you tried to assassinate the Emperor, for one. "You will learn nothing I have been conditioned well beyond your level of..." "Who ordered the execution? You will answer me now or suffer pain unlike any you have ever known.Shaking her head she didn't even know why she'd been picked for this assignment; she was a tech specialist not a soldier.Sighing she'd have to get with the Rear Admiral later about re-assignment.Mary on the other hand was thrilled to no ends to have human bodies within the confines of the palace again, after over two hundred years.

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Derrick smiled then nodded to Mary who started an odd green beam on the woman's head. "I know that nothing will phase you, at least not 'til she is dead." "As you suspected sire, the programs would have had me administer a lethal amount of radiation. "You wouldn't dare, even if you had the capability," the voice spit back at Derrick.Amazingly her old scans had found nothing, but the new ones that Derrick had suggested were beginning to find all manner of hidden weapons, poisons, and powerful micro explosives.Shaking his head Derrick saw that several more scans that he'd added to Mary's repertoire of tests still hadn't been used.Shaking his head Derrick knew he had his work cut out for him.Nodding to Mary, Derrick stepped to another projector and literally vanished only to appear across the room moments later.Motioning for Hartwell Derrick started, "I got an idea, first we'll bring her here then..." 1st specialist Ensign Callie stared at the huge room that she was in.What a complete waste of space and money she thought walking around the throne room." Then to her horror the beam of the weapon passed through the Emperor striking the ground where he was standing.Swiftly a syringe appeared at her neck as she slumped to the ground the surprise still on her face.Derrick appeared a moment later, "Take her to the interrogation room I'll be there in a few minutes, I want you there also Hartwell, we need to record all of this." There was a flourish of activity while the young woman was transported to the aforementioned room.Derrick watched as Mary attached several restraints and began scanning the woman looking for everything she could.


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