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Aspxgridview rowupdating combobox

I couldn't find anything in Dev Express forums about this problem. Now i do it in a function: Example: Row Validating / Row Inserting / Row Updatingselected Text Valuefrom Grid View Data Combo Box Column(sender,"My Field",e. Get Config String("Connection String"); //= Common.

This grid has a detail grid which shows departments belonging to these companies.

ASPx Data Updating Event Args e) protected void cb Station_Callback(object sender, Dev Express.

这该死的ASPx Drop Down Edit,老是不能很好的解决问题,花了一天都没有解决。刚才重游了一次 dev Expree的官网,找到了传说中的解决方案:原来官方不提创使用ASPx Drop Down Edit,而是极力推荐 Combo Box。 解决方案如下: 1,html前台代码 注意:关键在于 sql Data Source, Field Name, Text Field, Value Field, Key Field Name // form_load中的 if(! Is Post Back) // 省略号的部分包括以下内容 s SQL = "select [App ID],[App Name] from [sys App]"; sql Data Src App.

Here is some code as an example: " Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Groups] WHERE [group ID] = @group ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Groups] ([group Name], [play Day], [play Time], [play Location], [auto Generate], [generate Weeks In Advance], [show To Public], [day Match Request], [time Match Request], [day Reminder1], [time Reminder1], [day Reminder2], [time Reminder2], [day Player List], [time Player List]) VALUES (@group Name, @play Day, @play Time, @play Location, @auto Generate, @generate Weeks In Advance, @show To Public, @day Match Request, @time Match Request, @day Reminder1, @time Reminder1, @day Reminder2, @time Reminder2, @day Player List, @time Player List)" Select Command="SELECT * FROM [Groups]" Update Command="UPDATE [Groups] SET [group Name] = @group Name, [play Day] = @play Day, [play Time] = @play Time, [play Location] = @play Location, [auto Generate] = @auto Generate, [generate Weeks In Advance] = @generate Weeks In Advance, [show To Public] = @show To Public, [day Match Request] = @day Match Request, [time Match Request] = @time Match Request, [day Reminder1] = @day Reminder1, [time Reminder1] = @time Reminder1, [day Reminder2] = @day Reminder2, [time Reminder2] = @time Reminder2, [day Player List] = @day Player List, [time Player List] = @time Player List WHERE [group ID] = @group ID" So as you can see I want group Name, play Time, play Location in the first tab on the template and day Match Request, time Match Request, day Reminder1, time Reminder1, day Reminder2, time Reminder2 in the second tab.

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