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He was buried in the Vagankovskoye cemetery (sector 13). His sister Maria (`Russian Gioconda`) died of the galloping consumption, incurable that time, when he was just 23.Her portrait was a wedding gift for her as the artist was a busy and expensive Her Majesty`s court painter.Diego could have been a film director if he`d lived in our time when the technological development enabled us to shoot the motion pictures.Cinema, its principles, they have been in the heads of many artists since the ancient times.

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A hero of our time `gentlemen, is in fact a portrait, but not of one man only: he is a composite portrait, made up of all the vices which flourish, full-grown, amongst the present generation` (M. Krusenstern, but was left on the Aleutian Islands due to his insidious, dangerous and clownish behavior.

Ivan Feodorovich Krusenstern (Baron Adam Johann von Krusenstern) (1770-1846) It was a severe disciplinary punishment that time, yet he was not in despair, reached Alaska and befriended the Tlingit (Lingit), an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America and was tattooed from top to toe and returned to St.

Petersburg several years later as a ready `American`.

After that he participated several wars and duels; he challenged and killed 11 noblemen.


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