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Often those living with an older person become frustrated when age-related hearing loss sets in.

To understand better what a loved one is dealing with, Play It Down will access music files and play songs as they would be heard by someone with hearing loss.

Simple conversations can be challenging for those whose hearing is deteriorating.

Happily there is a lite version with 33 signs for parents to test out the app. My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language Dictionary is a must-have for anyone who works or lives with children who have hearing loss.As a person is speaking, Dragon will transcribe the words for the person who is hard of hearing to read.Though it is not perfect, it will usually give enough information to improve understanding of the conversation.This app is best suited for users who are more fluent in signing because the videos play quickly and i ASL currently does not have a replay or slow-down function.Unlike ASL Dictionary, i ASL does not require an internet or 3G connection.Every day the i Phone is helping people live better lives.We have found some amazing apps that are focused on helping those who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate, network, and enjoy entertainment more.All languages vary by location, and sign language is no exception.British Sign Language, while being similar is some ways to American Sign Language, has a completely different alphabet.It offers the ability to adjust the hearing loss by age.Play It Down will even test your own hearing to tell you the "age" of your ears.


  1. Apps For The Deaf And Hearing. Key Signs for Deaf and Blind. They have now seen the light and about 80% of the shows available have CC subtitles.

  2. She is divorced and lucky star wars miniatures battle singles blind dating subtitles hearing impared enough to speak with since we had kind. I'm tired of being used.

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