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Chat about sex with mother

“Children learn from their parents’ reaction whether or not their actions are acceptable.

At two, they simply need to be told, ‘That’s not allowed in public.’” Don’t scold or shame them.

The message you want to give to your child is that masturbation is healthy and normal, but something that should be done in the privacy of her own room.

One of the questions I get asked fairly regularly is how we handle talking to our kids about sex.

Until recently, I’d never once told my mom or stepmom about any of these stories, especially not the ones involving my lack of consent.

They’re both private people, so I assumed it would be too painful to hear.

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Teaching should be an ongoing process in which your child learns over time what she needs to know to develop a healthy attitude toward her body and sexuality, says Hickling.Before I started writing this story, it hadn’t occurred to me to talk to my daughter about sex.I wasn’t exactly avoiding the topic, but she was only 6½ and it seemed way too early.Since we homeschool, we are completely on the hook for this one, too.When it’s time to have “the talk” with our kids, we take it very seriously.This begins in talking about hygiene, but it also naturally gives you a bridge to talking about safe and unsafe touch.You can then go on to talk about who is allowed to touch them in their private areas, which would generally be just parents and the dr. Be sure to point that out the next time you are at the dr.This is an excellent time to show them firsthand that parents should always be aware of who is touching them in any way. In our house, we might read these materials with a couple of appropriately aged kids together, but then one of us will make time to talk to each kid individually within the few days following to see if they have questions or concerns.For us it’s around three or four, but it’s using this book. We use all the books in this entire series, and we read them with the kids who are the appropriate age for each book. When our kids get to be about six, we also add in this resource, and I LOVE it. Luke and Trisha, the authors, are amazing parents, and since they are Christians we love how they present this important topic.That’s changing now, thanks to an outpouring of #Me Too stories. If I thought she would have understood, I would have confided in her earlier about my own experiences.Until my stepmother’s #Me Too post on Facebook recently, I had no idea she’d been almost raped after poker one night in college; that since adolescence, strangers had exposed their penises to her; or that she’d been scared away from her community pool because of a child molester who wouldn’t leave the girls alone. Instead, I suffered alone like her, using humor and denial to survive, while secretly blaming myself.


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