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She replied, "He stopped me unfairly." A relative recalled his ugly divorce.

He said, "I fought her in court as the mother of our kids (not disclosing her adultery).

Jones supports slaughtering babies even up to the point of birth.

Jones supports Planned Parenthood trafficking baby body parts for profit.

My Democrat male relative's comment about women sending mixed messages is valid. When Mary and I ran an arts center, we allowed local Hispanic dance groups to practice there.

Moore's democrat opponent, Doug Jones, is a horrible deceitful man.

Radio talk show host Glen Beck said he was shocked and frustrated by how hard it was to find tops for his daughter that did not expose her bellybutton. He said he has watched cheerleaders' dance routines become progressively raunchier; twerking and so on, with female parents cheering the little girls on. The more the girls well executed the sexy dance moves, the more female parents excitedly cheered them on.

Mary and I were cautioned to keep our mouths shut; told that it was a Hispanic "cultural thing" that we did not understand.

Each of them believes that sexual harassers should be punished.

They also believe much of what is now labeled "sexual harassment" is simply men being men and women being women in the workplace.


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