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“I was hung over, I had things to do, and I said that is not going to happen, but I had a nice night, great to meet you. One evening he shinned up the scaffolding outside Deidre’s flat with “a hamburger and a bottle of Moët.” That decided the matter. It became a real relationship, she said, which was the end of her hopes of polyandrous dating in Moscow.He was did everything from sending her flowers to carrying her across “any scary street things that were going on” (presumably a lawyer’s term for holes in the road).Are you dating an Aries man and you feel he’s a bit different than most of the Aries men you read about?Well if he’s got Aquarius as his rising sign then yes, he’ll be rather unique.

He came back in and, without any explanation either then or later, stopped speaking to her. When she got home she discovered that in her absence he had filled her flat with “every single painting he had ever done, and they are big, and made out of wood, and there are hundreds of them.” From that time to this she has neither seen nor heard of him.Any woman who changes her name to Deidre Dare is likely to be a self-publicist, especially if she writes Sex and the City-type novels, and announces at public meetings that she has taken 15 grams of valium that day.However, until recently, Deidre was an unobtrusive lawyer, working in Moscow for a large, London-based firm that represents some of the major banks.Even if I had a conversation with another guy, he’d be jealous.And I think he was jealous of my boss.” The relationship ended when Deidre flew to Paris for a month, as she has done every June for many years.But against this, her painter was upset about public opinion.He was even nervous of other diners in restaurants when he sensed their disapproval of a Russian man dating a foreigner. “From the beginning, he was excessively jealous, even though he was still sleeping with his wife.Here is what the Aries man with Gemini rising actually is like.Does your Aries guy seem to display a bit of a split personality?Beyond this Deidre said Russian men are poor communicators.They cannot explain what they like or dislike, so you are left with physical reactions, occasionally violent, as the only way of divining their thoughts and emotions.


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