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Dating insecure man

She titled the post “On Dating Chinese Men.” A title like that suggests that the author is bringing a great deal of experience to her topic — that perhaps she has dated a number of Chinese men, or at least dated one long enough to get a better sense of the dating culture, and she wants to tell others about that overall experience. Now, she does preface this date as her “first Chinese date,” suggesting she probably did have more than one experience.But if that is the case, then why doesn’t she write about more of her dating experiences in the post?She felt humiliated even though no one in the room could have possibly known the joke stemmed from a discussion of her bumpy love life.When Molly acts incredulous about Crystal’s decision to go to therapy, more than anything she’s shocked that anyone is willing and able to admit they have problems worth seeking out therapy for.At the very least, she’s learning that there’s a sacrifice that comes with transforming from Miss Give No Fucks to Miss Give All the Fucks.Caring means possibly getting hurt, and trying means possibly failing, but Issa isn’t thinking that far ahead.

I honestly wasn’t crazy about how that story line was introduced, although there are plenty of Crystals in the world, people who can shoehorn a mention of their therapist into any conversation regardless of length.

Second, if you’re a blogger and have the kind of experience that merits titling a post “On Dating Chinese Men,” then I’d encourage you to write your own post with that very title.

The more of us that publish thoughtful pieces that transcend the usual stereotypes and assumptions, the better for those readers searching for information on this topic. I’ve often referred to this post as “Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about dating Chinese men in China, but were afraid to ask.” It was a collaboration with three lovely — Melanie, Jessica and Susan — and worth a read for anyone new to China and the dating scene. Before you start dating Chinese men, you have to find them first.

The episode begins with her auditioning freakum dresses for a major fundraiser for We Got Y’all, and telling Molly about how she plans to spice up her life with ingredients she already has in the cupboard.

Issa is brimming with optimism, which is the natural side effect of any “trying on fancy clothes” montage, but she clearly doesn’t understand what she’s committing to.


  1. Insecurity is the underlying emotion that shapes our self-image and influences our behavior. Read about how to overcome insecurity and where it comes from.

  2. All season long, Insecure has built toward breakdowns and breakthroughs for each of its leading characters. The messy configuration of their actions and misguided.

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