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The university begins to impose severe restrictions on the Greek system in response to the newspaper article.A ZBZ alumna, Lizzie, comes to live with the sisters to ensure National's standards are enforced.The house used in the pilot to establish the ZBZ residence is the same house used in the reality series Beauty and the Geek.Then, on March 13, 2010, creator Sean Smith announced his plans to end the series after the fourth season, saying, "We plan to end, that's the plan.We're all looking at this as an opportunity to come back, wrap up the show, and end strong.ABC Family could have ended it, but they gave us this opportunity and I don't want to squander it." Season Finale when they tore down the Kappa Tau House - Afterall by William Fitzsimmons The following is a list of fraternities and sororities featured in more than one episode.

There are six chapters, arranged into four seasons.But Rusty declines after he spots Evan cheating on Casey with the Senator's daughter (and Zeta Beta Zeta pledge), Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria).Rusty later accepts a bid from Kappa Tau Gamma by the fun and laid-back Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), Casey's ex-boyfriend and Evan's enemy.Greek (typographically stylized as GRΣΣK) is an American comedy-drama television series that aired on ABC Family from July 9, 2007, to March 7, 2011.The series follows students of the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University (CRU), located in Ohio, who participate in the school's Greek system.During the season, Calvin and Heath, a Kappa Tau, have an on-and-off relationship.When Frannie finds out she won't be graduating, she runs for Omega Chi sweetheart again, against Casey.The show's plots often take place within the confines of the fictional fraternities Kappa Tau Gamma (ΚΤΓ) and Omega Chi Delta (ΩΧΔ), or the fictional sorority Zeta Beta Zeta (ΖΒΖ).Throughout the course of the series, other non-Greek characters and situations are introduced, but they all tie into larger relationships with the Greeks.Some scenes were shot at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.The exterior and some interior shots were filmed in the historic West Adams, Los Angeles.


  1. Août 2010. Photo Jacob Zachar Greek Photo Amber Stevens, Clark Duke, Dilshad Vadsaria, Jacob Zachar, Jake Greek Photo Jacob Zachar Greek Photo Amber Stevens, Dilshad Vadsaria, Jacob Zachar, Jake McDorman, Paul · Spencer Grammer - 29. Photo Spencer Grammer Photo Maureen Sebastian, Spencer.

  2. Comedy · Rusty and Cappie attend a speed dating event and both end up with dates. Casey and Ashleigh try to uncover some dirt on Frannie as candidates for ZBZ presidency quickly resort to. Calvin Owens. Jake McDorman. Evan Chambers. Amber Stevens West. Ashleigh Howard as Amber Stevens. Dilshad Vadsaria. Rebecca Logan.

  3. Comedy · When Omega Chi has a party to celebrate Evan's saving them from the new restrictions Cappie decides Kappa Tau must have a competing party but they are broke. Casey makes. Calvin Owens. Jake McDorman. Evan Chambers. Amber Stevens West. Ashleigh Howard as Amber Stevens. Dilshad Vadsaria. Rebecca Logan.

  4. His older sister Casey Spencer Grammer is an active member of the Zeta Beta Zeta sorority the top sorority on campus, and is dating Omega Chi Delta the top fraternity on campus active Evan Chambers Jake McDorman, who is wealthy and popular because of his father's company, Chambers International. Evan is the.

  5. Feb 13, 2011. Grammer and Ashleigh Amber Stevens see each other for the first time since their fight, and Casey finds out that Ashleigh is dating Professor Segal Josh Randall. Meanwhile, Rebecca Dilshad Vadsaria begins to wonder if she and Evan Jake McDorman will make it through law school as a couple.

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