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Dorset dating website who is andy sixx dating

The team at Bumble took minutes to remove the profile for breach of use, with Tinder removing the account in less than a day.Jake Moore, cyber crime prevention officer for Dorset Police, said: “Part of the challenge in modern day policing is to find new ways to effectively communicate with the people the force serves.Dorset PCC Martyn Underhill said: “This campaign is a fantastic example of forward-thinking policing.In an online age, people are at risk of being exploited in new ways and it is vital that policing is innovative in its response in order to keep people safe.” Those that are victims of sextortion are asked to contact Dorset Police immediately, as well as the account provider.Accounts were made on Tinder and Bumble, with 150 men aged 18-34 within the Dorset area interacting with Amanda, 26, from Wool.The online account was made up of four bold emoji-based slides and an entertaining biography which were based on messages around the risks of sextortion.

Not to mention bars that are great to visit if you have someone to impress.

They can however be nerve wrecking, and if you are someone who finds it hard to get out (perhaps if you have children or work unsociable hours) it may not be ideal for you.

For these people online dating is the ideal option.

This activity was the first of its kind carried out by the police, with it’s spontaneity making it effective.

Although sextortion is not a big problem yet in Dorset, it is growing on a national scale, with Dorset police working hard to keep numbers low in the county.


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