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The team work with clients to build trusting and professional relationships which women to move forward with their lives.

The Haven Wolverhampton Community Advocacy Support Team offers: The Community Advocacy Team also deliver ‘drop in’ sessions which allow you to book 30 minute support sessions with a member of the team where you can discuss your experiences.

We also provide access to Legal Advice drop in sessions where you can discuss legal matters with Solicitors from recognised firms across Wolverhampton.

These sessions are designed to provide you with a brief and concise level of support.

Our refuges provide high standard quality accommodation which includes a communal kitchen, dining and living areas, private bedrooms, en-suite facilities, children’s play areas & facilities for disabled residents.

We have 6 different refuges which are all slightly different and women are accommodated based on suitability of the accommodation and availability.

The Haven provides a Community Advocacy Team service who offers support to help women devise safety plans, progress housing applications, and support with taking cases through the criminal justice system as well as accessing various community support services.

The service also utilises the skills of Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs)An IDVA is a named professional case worker for domestic abuse victims whose primary purpose is to address the safety of ‘high risk’ victims and their dependent children.

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We also offer emotional and practical support from trained support workers based at each refuge location.Financial abuse is a form of mistreatment in which an abuser forcibly controls a victim’s economic means.It can involve confiscating, rationing, stealing or withholding money; not allowing the victim to take part in any financial decisions; or even forcing the victim to quit their job.It can happen to anyone regardless of their income, education or independent success.Whilst it can be difficult for couples / families to navigate the complexities of household finances it is important to be aware that a healthy relationship should include open dialogue, communication and agreement to all financial matters.The Haven Wolverhampton is one of the largest refuge providers in the UK.The Haven Wolverhampton’s vision is for all women and children to live in a society free from oppression, homelessness, violence and abuse, and to promote and uphold human rights.The Haven Wolverhampton supports women and dependent children who are vulnerable to domestic violence, homelessness and abuse.Set up in 1973, The Haven Wolverhampton is a charitable organisation which provides both practical and emotional support services to women and children who are affected by domestic violence and homelessness.Our workers understand the impact domestic abuse can have on the health and well-being of children and are there to work with your child to come to terms with their traumatic situation by using therapeutic techniques and resources, as appropriate, to minimise your child’s experience of domestic violence escalating into a crises.We also: The Financial Empowerment Team support clients who have suffered from or are suffering from Financial & Domestic Abuse.


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