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I'd guess the servers will be running on Linux, BSD or Solaris almost 99% of the time.

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-- Have a look for Wowemu (there's no official site and I don't want to link to a dodgy site). Aug 15, 2013 Then i got my first 5.7 tank and i started to get matched with 6.0 and 6.3. Download:- Tanki Online MDK 3.1Tanki Online MDK Full - a pack of programs to help you make maps. Sadly the flash player doesn't work on my computer, have to use a friends. World of Tanks -, Action / Tank / 3D / 3rd Person / Online-only. One company that is cool about discussing their implementation is CCP, creators of Eve online.They have published a number of presentations and articles about Eve's infrastructure, and it is a particularly interesting case because they use Stackless Python for a lot of Eve's implementation.For those that do have 100s of people in one area, there is usually high latency.The server is having to deal with 100s of spells being sent its way, which it must calculate damage amounts for each one. Tanki Online Launcher A lightweight Tanki Online Game Launcher. Android store for free download apps and games, APK files direct to your phone. The game simulations themselves will be built using the same techniques as any networked 3D game, so you can look towards resources for that problem domain to learn more.For the big daddy, World of Warcraft, we can guess that their database is Oracle because Blizzard's job listings frequently cite Oracle experience as a requirement/plus. C and Open GL (for Mac) and Direct3D (for PC) can be assumed as the implementation languages for the game clients because that's what games are made with.


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