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Like many wives, I simply left such matters to him.What I didn’t know was that when you marry, or remarry, any previous will you have made becomes invalid – and your new spouse does not automatically inherit your estate.She’s trying to keep a low profile with Joe, and staying with Cara has let her do that." While it’s unknown whether Swift was out in disguise—the way was when she first started dating Alwyn—no one stopped her for selfies.“Instead of being stopped by fans for selfies, they’ve been able to come and go totally unnoticed.” While they’re yet to go public with their romance, the pair have reportedly been flying between London and the US over the last few months to see each other.Alwyn is thought to have met members of Swift’s family when he visited Nashville earlier in the summer.Scanning his x-rays, the doctors told us on New Year’s Eve that the mark on his lung was not a collapse of the lung as we had first thought, but advanced cancer.They didn’t tell us how long the tumour had been there or how long he had left to live, and we didn’t ask.We fell for each other immediately, dangerously, passionately. We were in our 50s, divorced from previous partners, single and not looking for anything more – but this was an electric, love-at-second-sight moment that was transformative for both of us.

For me, it meant I had to leave my country life behind.Remember, 100% of your purchase fuels the fight for LGBTQ equality and makes you an active member of the Human Rights Campaign.If you die without signing your will in this country, you leave chaos behind you.Robin had his own business, Art Market Research, analysing changes in the global art market.to study for a master’s in literature at the University of Essex, and in the same year I started a business called Country Roses, growing exquisite scented cut roses for special occasions, selling to local families, brides, event organisers and loyal royals.Until that point, intestacy was not even a word in my vocabulary, but I discovered its full meaning only too quickly after Robin’s death.If you die without signing your will – no matter that your family and your lawyers know exactly what your wishes are – all your choices are null and void.It's not all been good news for Taylor though, after she was blasted for clashing tour dates with Katy Perry.Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn reportedly stayed at Cara Delevingne’s home during a secret trip to London.“Obviously Taylor can stay at the world’s swankiest hotels but that’s not really her bag.She’s taken such precautions because, according to the report, she believes that the media circus surrounding her relationship with Hiddleston doomed their short-lived romance.A source told the paper: “Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship.


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