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But this movie has a happy ending, and the handsome Kim Soo-Hyun made a cameo at the very end, that made me laugh loudly. The idea, the music, the actors and everything came together, what a great ensemble! Thank you so much for producing such a memorable movie.

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In the beginning so the middle there's a lot of the end of this movie wow it's made me cry when she talked with her it's really happy ending.while mr park turned kim soo hyun.??I laughed most of the time, but there were some poignant, touching scenes as well. LMAO Try to show just a tiny bit of care for a guy and he thinks it's love. There were themes of family, old age, and modern culture running through the film, but it was hilarious. So, it's a enjoyable movie with some of catchy songs.. She made me laugh but also cry, specially when she was talking to her son who told her to go and live her life without sacrificing herself for her son. Check it out especially if you are at an age where the end is closer than the beginning. Shim Eun Kyung a really talented young actrees , is that her real voice when she sang the song on this movie ?all are really nice songs.... One tackle on our superficial society and another is about the aging population.Shim eun kyung deserves an award for her role, curious about her other movies.. This is a true "Asian Pearl" that applies across many cultures. Sometimes i feel like crying to listen to the songs. Both movies are hilarious and fun to watch, but at the same time delivers an important message to the audience. :) I saw this at the CGV theater in LA (only Korean movie theater in California i think) by chance when my friend and I were walking around Koreatown.If you look on a photo you will be able to find out a ot of things about hot ans sex ans sexuality ukrainian women, you will not overlook the striking beauty, the real beauty, a specila fascination of single young women from Russian and Ukrainian cities and suburbs.Single ladies with blond hair and dark-haired girls ,ladies red-haired and brown-haired women, women who are tall and short, slim and heavy - all of them are placed on our site.They all are sincere, have equal reasons to marry and have a family.Be diligent and don't lose your chance to start talking with your favorite hot ukrainian women pics (pictures) among these Ukrainian and Eastern European not married women, because there is a great choice of them.site of "Ukrainian brides" does not contain photos of nude or naked ukrainian women Warning: This site does not contain any naked and nude photo our girls and women and any other sex and porn content, all our girls over 18 She can keep easily your company, speaks correctly, and talks with vainglory of her high school education.The belief in the importance of a degree may assist any woman get acquanted with a good match, because an intelligent man sometimes is happy to meet an intelligent lady.


  1. The Korean grandmothers who sell sex. By Lucy. and now many young people say they can't afford to support themselves and their parents in Korea's.

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