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Weeks fell ill at their bed and breakfast, and had to be hospitalized.After nurses noticed signs that the patient had been injected with something, hospital personnel alerted the police.Married for the first time in 1955, she was charged with over thirty counts of fraud and forgery between 19 and spent 5 years in prison.In 1988, still married to her first husband, Russell Shepard, she had an affair with Gordon Stewart, got a divorce and in 1990 Shepard became husband number two.Pinellas Park, Florida.– April 4, 2009 Melissa pleads guilty in Florida to seven charges (grand theft, forgery) for crimes against Alexander Strategos; sentenced to five years in jail. [4 years]Melissa has her first major scrape with the law, according to her criminal record. 1995 [Melissa Stewart, “Prison for Women's Invisible Minority,” Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Vol. [Melissa Stewart, “Prison for Women's Invisible Minority,” Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Vol. She told another neighbour that she was his wife.” [CBC] Pinellas Park Police arrest Melissa and charge her with exploitation of the elderly, theft and forgery. EXCERPTS: “She just wanted to know if I was lonesome the same as she was,“ “Yeah, she was very nice to talk to,” said Weeks.Police say she coerced Strategos to give her power of attorney and then she siphoned off his money into her own bank account. 11, 2013 – sentenced to 3 ½ years in jail, less time served, for administering a noxious thing and failing to provide the necessaries of life. “She had a little religion in there, she was talking like she was always religious.

He was on his honeymoon, having been married to Melissa Weeks, 77, two weeks earlier. Melissa was a truly accomplished woman, “a busy little gal,” as one of her many victims remarked following her gazillionth arrest on Oct.

The judge, at her October 5, 2012 bail hearing, denied her bond. [Prince Edward Island province, Canada] jail for forgery. Over next few weeks, she initiates contact upon several occasions. 20, 1991 – Melissa and Gordon Stewart relocate to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 27, 1991 Melissa is featured in the National Film Board of Canada documentary Why Women Kill, about battered woman syndrome. The body was hastily cremated before his body could be autopsied. I., Melissa meets Alexander Strategos, 73, through an online dating service (American Singles.com).

2) Robert Friedrich (84) – husband; probably murdered (2002); body creamed before autopsy. 3) Alexander Strategos (73) – live-in paramour; fed benzodiazepine in ice cream, grand larceny (2004-5). Between 19 she spends more than five years behind bars for more than 30 separate fraud convictions.” [“1991 – Gordon is charged with and pleads guilty to assaulting Melissa. She receives a grant from the Ontario government to set up a hotline for abused women.” Later, Melissa is paroled after serving two years of her sentence at Kingston Penitentiary.”– Melissa sets up a toll free counseling line for women called “Project Another Chance.” Incorporated in Apr. 1995 – official start of “Right on Line.” Melissa had informally begun it in May 1995. Melissa emptied his bank account of 0,000, and continued to receive his social security checks. She shows up unannounced at his home in Pinellas Park, Fla., and moves in.” “Neighbours say she introduced herself as one of Strategos' relatives from Canada. 12, 2016 – arrested; charged with 3 counts of parole violation.

Melissa Friedrich, a predatory career criminal and serial killer exploited the domestic violence industry to get her out of prison so she could continue to stalk, seduce, rob and murder men.

Many news reports use the name Melissa Ann Shepard.


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