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Is rainie yang and show luo dating

But seriously..this is true, okay, that's great especially because both are busy and need support. everyone knows it is kinda impossible they would date each other but i don't mind if they do. They're just having fun and keeping in contact while they can.

But it's doubtful (otherwise, Rainie's had like...10 boyfriends now, considering she's been rumored with each and every co-star she's acted with, from Mike He to Wilber Pan to Jiro Wang). even though its only a sibling thing but i dont mind if both of them get together [quote]All this persisted until the following year, when the 2 had to perform together again in Sydney, Australia.[/quote]I cant believe they performed in Sydney and i missed it darn...i wonder what performance it was??

This made Rainie laugh non-stop, and after she got out of her car too, they headed into the restaurant together.[b]Celebrate, sing, visit recording studio in the middle of the night[/b]While in the restaurant, Show & Rainie sat next to each other, and chatted non-stop while they ate.

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plus, xiao zhu said he will never go for his best friends ex, that is xiao gui, he will never do such a thing to his best buddy. Good to know they're such good friends now--will make the drama chemistry better. I think it's awesome they hang out after hours... It just sounds like they've come to an understanding and can really just let their hair down around each other. I think they just relate and can be at ease with each other. It just shows how good of a friend each of them are to the other by going to restaurants and karaokes.

and the mere description of Show acting like a monkey outside her car would obviously attract attention especially from the paparazzi.

anyone thinks they're stupid to let those notorious people catch them in the act if something is really happening between them? this reporter has not been doing the research well. they're both high profile, and i'm sure that if there was really something going on, i'm sure they won't even be seen in public like this.

There was one night when staff members walked past Rainie's manager's room, and heard music coming from the room and Rainie's laughter.

After peering closely, they saw Show & Rainie both in their pajamas, rehearsing a dance scene in the drama which was to be filmed the next day.


  1. Rainie and Ronghao have been dating for a year plus. Show Luo and Rainie Yang win big at the 2014 HITO Radio Music Awards at the Taipei Arena on Sunday.

  2. Taiwanese tabloids claimed that Show Luo 罗志祥 and Rainie Yang 杨丞琳 had an underground relationship for four months. The pair was rumoured to be an item after collaborating in drama Hi My Sweetheart 海派甜心 in 2009 and even went on a private date to a hot spring.

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