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Sophie Monk has responded to reports that she is dating AFL star Wayne Carey.

Appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show on Monday April 3, the actress and singer was questioned about rumours surrounding her and the former sports player. The former Bardot singer then went on to explain how the rumours came about.

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“Seven made a very aggressive play for it and Channel 9 was very interested but were more conscious of the cheque they would have to write – but one way or another, expect it to be on air around February next year.” I have been waiting 15 years for the moment i could stand on stage and do my thing be me and be free but now i find out that you are holding the show in Feb, now i will need to wait another year because my 16th birthday is in March. I’ve always wanted to show people my singing voice .To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.I was disappointed when I found out that Australia Idol closed up but then my hopes came back up when I heard about X Factor.If anyone knows or finds out the audition dates can someone post it up please.'I sort of found out through Instagram,' Stu explains to the hosts.'But, having said that we had discussed pushing more towards a friendship.' Fitzy repsonds, 'So you found out it was over with an Instagram post?The woman who just doesn’t have it together and is chasing and chasing and doesn’t know when to stop.It’s humiliating and embarrassing, and everyone can see the when it goes to air later this year." That word again.'I think Soph can hold her head up.' The couple, who appeared on last year's season of The Bachelorette Australia, had been dating for three months.she’s decided to be the Bachelorette,” he told listeners.


  1. Shock jock Kyle Sandilands has never shied away from the details of his. revealing that he had an account on popular gay dating app. Sophie Monk caught.

  2. Sophie Monk addresses relationship rumours. and I'm very happy for her," Kyle Sandilands said. He then asked her if they were indeed dating. "Hell no," Monk.

  3. Sophie Monk admits she’s had sex with her chosen man. Sophie Monk's dating disasters. Kyle Sandilands questioned Sophie about "penetration" with her new man.

  4. The Bachelorette 2017 revealed to be Bardot singer and. and Georgia Love to star in Channel Ten's hit dating. Sophie Monk and Kyle Sandilands presenting.

  5. Sophie Monk the Bachelorette. dating, true crime. Rogue. Life through a millennial lens. Viral videos. I heard it first from Kyle Sandilands on this morning.

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