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So the data is specific to that player that you're playing against on that table.

If a player leaves, and a new player sits, then a new unique ID is created and new stats begin to get generated for that player / seat number.

The console window will also pop-up to keep you updated on how the importing goes.

SNG Tracker also has the functionality to import from your Poker Tracker database. You can also enter in the data manually if required, using the 'Manual Entry' option.

Before importing any files, you first need to set the player name you use on the poker tables.Use the 'Import File' command to import individual files.Note: SNG Tracker only currently supports one-table NL Hold'em tournies!Cool thing is if you have pokertracker then it will also take auto notes for you (or if you have notecaddy with HM).FYI, anyone who has the bovada converter is going to get 25% off the price for the card catcher HUD.If you find a bug, please contact me and I'll try and get it sorted.I take no responsibility with this software, it's provided "As Is", etc. If you've kept up with your windows updates you'll be fine. The first thing you'll need to do is start importing your tourney histories.You can use the 'filters' system to get statistics on practically any subsection of the data, such as 'Show me my result on Weekdays after 7pm', 'Only 10 1 games on Party', 'Tournies I lost on the bubble' etc. You need to download this patch to get things working again! Testing has currently been limited to the real hand-histories I've got, which are limited when it comes to game and table types.It will sit in your taskbar quietly monitoring for new hand histories. Various other fixes too; see the revisions list for more info. The aim of this beta testing is to try and iron out these problems, so please bare with it.When the tourney is over, maximise the window, stop the timer, enter in the relevant info and save. - Tournies over 60 minutes duration display bug fixed. - File access error on importing HHs now handled neatly. Duration for poker tracker tournies (not supported in PT yet) is set to a default of 40 minutes.


  1. Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have. JMeter 3.3 connect Spark 2.2.1 error. I´m trying to do a query to the database.

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