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Problems with dating a single dad

The Institute for the Study of Civil Society reports that children of single parents, after controlling for other variables like family income, are more likely to have problems.The ONS reports that those children are twice more like to suffer from mental illness.

Most people confuse single parenting with co-parenting.

Sometimes, one finds themselves in a single-parent family structure that has arisen due to death of the partner, intentional artificial insemination, or unplanned pregnancy.

Historically, the death of a partner was a major cause of single parenting.

Single parenthood has been common historically due to parental mortality rate (due to disease, wars and maternal mortality).

Historical estimates indicate that in French, English, or Spanish villages in the 17th and 18th centuries at least one-third of children lost one of their parents during childhood; in 19th-century Milan, about half of all children lost at least one parent by age 20; in 19th-century China, almost one-third of boys had lost one parent or both by the age of 15.


  1. The demographics of single parenting show a general increase worldwide in children living in single parent homes. Single. have problems. dad, and even sire.

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