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Rockband community website updating

Some popular francophone bands of the time included the rock group Beau Dommage from Montreal led by Michel Rivard and the progressive rock group Harmonium also of Montreal.

Artists like The Kings, Prism, Crowbar, Nick Gilder, Ian Thomas, Goddo, Harlequin, Mahogany Rush, Moxy, Streetheart, Max Webster and Ironhorse saw their greatest success during the late '70s period.

This song brought Anka instant stardom and he became the first Canadian to have a number one on the US Billboard charts in the rock and roll era.

He formed a backing band called The Hawks, which produced some of the earliest Canadian rock stars.

Their second album Bachman–Turner Overdrive II hit No. Nevertheless, a number of established Canadian acts, including Rush, Bachman–Turner Overdrive, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Bruce Cockburn, April Wine, Pat Travers, FM, and Neil Young, remained influential and recorded some of their most popular material of all during this period, and former "The Guess Who" lead singer Burton Cummings emerged as a popular solo artist in soft rock.

With the introduction during the 1970s of the "rock critic", coverage began to rival that of any other music.Following quickly on the gramophone's spread came World War I.The war was the catalyst for the writing and recording of large numbers of Canadian-written popular songs, some of which achieved lasting international commercial success.In the late 1970s, as punk rock, disco, and the emerging new wave ruled the landscape, Canadian groups such as D. A., The Viletones, The Forgotten Rebels, Rough Trade, Diodes, Teenage Head, The Demics, The Young Canadians and Subhumans emerged and continued in the 1980s with popular bands like SNFU, Dayglo Abortions and Nomeansno.Things changed course in the 1980s, the changing fast-paced culture was accompanied by an explosion in youth culture.He later joined London Records, where he worked until February 1964, when he then established RPM weekly trade magazine.From the first issue of RPM Weekly on February 24, 1964 to its final issue on November 13, 2000, RPM was the defining charts in Canada.Their most famous hit was "Moments to Remember", which first reached the Billboard magazine charts on September 3, 1955.1958 saw Canada produced its first rock and roll teen idol Paul Anka, who went to New York City where he auditioned for ABC with the song, "Diana".In 1951, Cleveland, Ohio, disc jockey Alan Freed began playing rhythm and blues music for a multi-racial audience, and is credited with first using the phrase "rock and roll" to describe the musical sound of the Doo-wop vocal groups and the rockabilly singers who emerged in the 1950s.The Four Lads, from Toronto, were one of the first groups to capitalize on this sound and become a prominent act in the Canadian rhythm and blues scene, producing their first hit in 1952 called "Mocking Bird".


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