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Rus not updating new users

Even before Diana's television debut, the case had provoked controversy.

After the first ruling, groups in support of both Diana and Semyonov appeared on the Russian Vkontakte social network. Its 17,000 members wanted to draw attention to “an unjust court,” one of the group’s founders told the Meduza news website., an evening talk show known for its own brand of lurid melodrama.

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This demonstrates “how much the myth that women provoke sexual violence exists in the minds of Russians,” says Andrei Sinelnikov, deputy director of the Anna Center, an NGO helping victims of domestic violence.Advocates for assault victims suggest the saga says a lot about public attitudes.Russian society supports the myth that the victim is responsible for sexual assault, says Nadezhda Zamotaeva, executive director of the Sisters sexual assault recovery center.broadcast also revealed several new details about the case.On air, Diana explained that another young man had also raped her that night, but because she was not fully conscious at the time and could not actively resist, the police did not register it as a crime.Most alarmingly, Diana’s mother was attacked on the street.Eventually, the family had to leave their hometown.Many viewers saw her appearance and the variety of emotions she expressed during the show as proof of her dishonesty.She did not look like a victim of sexual assault, they felt.Diana contends that the television studio did her hair and makeup and chose her outfit.The panelists aggressively interrogated Diana about how much vodka she drank and what she expected when she went into the room alone with Semyonov.


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