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The goal is to produce all the content components and functional programming and have them ready for the final production stage: the construction of the actual web site pages.

Many web hosts provide online editing tools to help you make changes to your site.

The result of poorly planned, hasty development efforts often is an “orphan site,” starved of resources and attention.

As you consider the development process outlined below, note that the construction of the pages that make up the web site is one of the last things that takes place in a well-designed project.

Research, writing, organizing, assembling, and editing the site’s text content is also performed at this stage.

Any programming, database design and data entry, and search engine design should be well under way by now.

You will be given a login username and password which you use to access a special web page.

For current content and consistent editorial, graphic design, and management policies you’ll need one person to act as the editor of the overall web site.

The prototypes should incorporate enough pages to assess accurately what it’s like to move from menus to content pages.

These prototypes can be used to test the information architecture with users.

If you are contracting out the production of the web site, you will also need to interview and select a site design firm.

Ideally, your site designers should be involved as soon as possible in the planning discussions.


  1. The Site Development Process. Your web site should be an integral part of all. or to wipe out someone else’s work by mistake when updating a web site.

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