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After the WWII, Soviets invaded the country and imposed the communist regime so the country remained as one for 40 years.After the downfall of the communist regime in 1989 achieved through non-violent revolution, hence the name "Velvet revolution", Slovak and Czech politicians began efforts to split up again.One should learn the names of at least some of the Slovaks playing in the NHL, many are stars (Palffy, Bondra, Hossa etc,) and are source of pride.Many Slovaks follow hockey closely and hockey news is quite accessible.I have found Slovakians to surprisingly ambivalent towards Russians, in spite of the oppression they suffered at their hands.

Of course, among friends and family members the distance is shorter and there is much more touching.Other than language and a slightly lower standard of living there is little cultural difference between west-central Slovakia and Canada. During the last 7 years, Slovakia has become rapidly westernized.Inquiries into the natural beauty of Slovakia’s landscape, especially its mountains, castles and the Danube River or comments on the beauty of the city/town centrums can be good topics to initiate conversation.Finally, it is important to differentiate Slovakia/the Slovak Republic, from the Czech Republic.Ten years ago, these two countries were one—the Czechoslovak Republic. The Slovak and Czech Republics joined just before the WWII in order to better defend themselves from German invasion.These topics are regarded as boring and they are used only when people do not know what to talk about.There are no special topics that would offend Slovaks.The most favourite topics include work, family, hobby, and travelling.Especially, when encountering with foreigners, Slovaks like to talk about travelling, different lifestyles, food etc.In formal situations, touching others is very uncommon and is rather unacceptable.Making and maintaining an eye contact is very important; it is actually an indicator that a person is serious, trustful, and polite.


  1. Nov 13, 2014. The relation between Slovaks and Czechs is very similar to that of Canadian and Americans—sometimes Slovaks feel undervalued. Please note, however, that Slovaks and Czechs feel very close to each other. This sprouts from sharing similar culture, language, history, and traditions. Sometimes foreigners.

  2. Oct 26, 2017. Slovakian women are often both traditional and full of surprises. You should never judge a book by the cover, but this is particularly true when it comes to Slovakian women. The following list is an attempt at general rules, but of course, every woman you meet will be different. Still, some cultural.

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