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Updating subclipse

Click OK to add the Subclipse update site to the list in the update manager.Click Finish in the update manager window to begin searching for new features.Since you have no idea what this is, choose Simple At this point, we’ve installed Subclipse successfully, which added support for Subversion servers to our Eclipse setup, and we’ve tested Subclipse by downloading the current Subclipse source code from the repository.Now we should look at doing something with our own code and our own Subversion repository.Enter a suitable comment describing this project in the top field, then click Select All to check all of the files from the project.Click OK to check in your project and transmit its current state to the Subversion repository.Before I show you how things work with Subversion, I’ll tell you a little bit about my repository.

Be sure that Search for new features to install is selected, then click Next to continue. Since we’re after a specific feature, un-check the existing sites, then click New Remote Site to display the New Update Site dialog (see Figure 3).

The next dialog (see Figure 13) lets you choose an existing repository location, or you can create a new one.

If your repository is already listed (as you can see, I’ve added mine), select it, and click Finish.

I’m going to put my projects directly in the root of the repository.

Other repositories often have folders named trunk, tags, and branches off the root, for development versions, tags, and branches, but I don’t expect to need to worry about tagging or branching the developer Works article code.


  1. Subclipse is an Eclipse plug-in that provides the. constantly updating your code from the. for Configuration Management Tutorial ©2003-2009.

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