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Who is russell kane dating

It would be exactly the same the other way around, I’d tell her to chase the opportunity.”Russell said: “Comedy is my number one focus.“It’s not that I don’t adore and worship the ground my 18-month-old daughter walks on and love Lindsey, it’s just that without that central core purpose I think everything else would just fall apart.”As well as his current Right Man, Wrong Age UK tour, the comedian is set to host a no holds barred Facebook Live show in front of a studio audience inspired by his popular Kaneing videos on Monday night, with a panel including Janet Street-Porter and comic Katherine Ryan.Russell said he will probably discuss the latest political goings-on during the 45-minute show, but that he also hopes to touch on topics such as drunk Brits abroad, gender fluidity in schools and Diane Abbott’s maths.

Russell has introduced his five-week-old baby Mina to the world on both Twitter and Instagram, but in a way that only a comedian knows how.

I thought it was so cool, but now I'd like to travel through time and stab myself. a Toyota Prius hybrid, so I can feel better about myself as I drive to the airport to fly to Australia for the fifth time in a year.

I'm 10 minutes from the beach and I never want to live anywhere else.

So every gap and crevice was filled up with stand up which meant I split up with Lorraine - my girlfriend at the time.

Over a period of two years the job started to suffer.


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