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Wince updating registry values

There are some more changes in registry, but fortunately I did not have to implement these too (see comments in “tsc Dialog.cpp”).

When you fill the connect dialog and then press [Connect] RDM will save your values in a file \Windows\ Some values are hard coded, ie the control IDs used.

As you may know, Remote Desktop Mobile (RDM) does not support auto-login.

But sometimes you may want a user does not change settings and is directly connected to a Terminal Server.

So the tool I did can fill in all connection details using Set Window Text().

The fields are filled with the connection details and now I needed a way to simulate a click onto the connect button (which is a menu in reality) to let the dialog execute a connect.

I tried several approaches, the best is to use keyb_event although it works also by sending the TSC window the WM_USER message that is posted by the menu click.

Ruggedized devices are often used in warehouses and the IT structure uses a terminal server to gather data and manage goods.

Although I think Windows Mobile is not the right OS for such barcode scanner devices, you may have no choose and have to use a handheld computer with Windows Mobile instead one that uses Windows CE.


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