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Wince updating registry values

The fields are filled with the connection details and now I needed a way to simulate a click onto the connect button (which is a menu in reality) to let the dialog execute a connect.

I tried several approaches, the best is to use keyb_event although it works also by sending the TSC window the WM_USER message that is posted by the menu click.

Using recovery mode on the Iris board requires an adapter to access the debug serial port as described here Iris Carrier Board Peripherals.

To prepare the SD card, download the Win Ce Image Package from the following page: Attention: Some SD card may not work because of the way they are structured.

You may know, that rdp files are commonly used on desktop windows to save/load Remote Desktop Session connection data. The tool had to provide a with the data of the connection settings. Write the correct values for the connection to the registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\RDP_autologin] "Fit To Screen"="1" "Full Screen"="1" "Status"="connecting..." "Save Password"="1" "Domain"="" "Password"="xxxxxxxxxx" "Username"="rdesktop" "Computer"="" Then simply start the tool. Then it starts a new instance and starts to fill the fields and do the connect. These IDs may be different on other devices or within other RDM releases. If you need to change the control IDs you may use the scan Tsc Dialog() function to get the actual codes listed in the debug window.

This page describes how to bring-up a module which has no Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) running.As you may know, Remote Desktop Mobile (RDM) does not support auto-login.But sometimes you may want a user does not change settings and is directly connected to a Terminal Server.I found this WM_USER message within messages of cespy as I tapped on [Connect].//Solution three, best solution, ensure you use the scancode value too!Knowing the right window I was able to set the text entries by knowing there control IDs (dialogs use ctrl IDs for easier access of the data, see scan Tsc Dialog() in tsc Dialog.cpp).So the tool I did can fill in all connection details using Set Window Text().The menu bar looks like owned by the desktop window.Sending the Soft Key1 (F1) was also unsuccessfull for window handles of TSSHELLWND and the Connect Dialog.I started using embedded Visual C 4.0 although this is outdated by VS2005 and VS2008.The idea was to launch the exe, fill in the values and click the Connect bar.


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